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PrevueLogic contains a lot of “Secret Sauce” and advantages over the competition that make it the best Business Process Automation CRM Software on the market but none more important than the Prevue 66 and its importance in making PrevueLogic the best sales tool of the twenty first century. There are plenty of systems out there but very few that put getting to know your customer no matter hope big or small as the first and most important step in the systems overall success. All Customer Relationship Management programs by the mere type of software they are help you Manage the Customers Relationship and the better systems help tie in the rest of your company in such a way that those departments also get to know the customer better and in doing so put the customer first across the entire spectrum of the customers interaction with your company.

Since most CRM systems also put the customer fist just by the name “Customer Relationship Management” and also involve other departments of the company how is it that PrevueLogic and the Prevue 66 is different? We’ve all heard the saying ‘PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE” and that statement is the basis behind the Prevue 66. The Prevue 66 was originally thought up and used by Harvey Mackay, a well know Businessmen, Author and Speaker who has been extremely successful over the years using and implementing ideas that did those little extra things that got him notice and made him the success he is today. He talks about the 66 in one of his bestselling books “Swim with the SHARKS”.

We have adapted Harvey’s concept in to PrevueLogic™ and termed it the Prevue 66; 66 questions about the customer that put you in the driver’s seat right from the beginning.

PrevueLogic™ and the Prevue 66 help to not only build better customer relationships – they help to build a Better Business Process for Building Better Customer Relationships and Better Business Processes is what makes PrevueLogic™ better that the other systems on the market today.

Don’t settle for second best. If your competition is using PrevueLogic™ they are already a step ahead of you and you are already playing catch up which is not where you want to be in a sales competition. Let’s face it – that’s what all sales opportunities are – a competition to win not only this sale but the opportunity to win the customers’ business for life and that is what the Prevue 66 is designed to help you do. Not just win this sales opportunity but win the customers’ business for life because you know the customer better than your competition and you know what the customer needs better than your competition so you are better prepared to help the customer and add Value. To be the best Value Added Reseller the customer is looking to do business with and in fact you are so much better it shows and shows in a big way.

The customer trusts you and trusts the solutions you present him or her because you have taken the extra time to develop the system required to make you better than your completion – to know your customer better and most importantly to have earned their trust – that is selling and what makes the great salespeople great.


Eric Nation

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